bypass icloud iOS < 7.1.2

bypass icloud iOS < 7.1.1 remove icloud

bypass icloud iOS < 7.1.1 only

Update – you need to add the both lines HOST FILE

you only need to press (bypass this Shit) again this is only for iOS <=7.1.1 leave ur pastebins in minacris email or twitter he will make activate ticket remotely

UPDATED : Tool for hacktivate iDevices from minacrisOficial and Jesusprat bypass. Cydia Repo: . Install hacktivation tool. Enjoy If you are bypassing iphone and need be hacktiveted please jailbreak and install this repo from cydia to hacktivate your iphone, The tool should be installed carefully, if doesn’t work just put your iPhone on safe mode and uninstall 🙂

Minacris was a ex-Doulci team member, since that time and team split he start removing icloud by his own bizness , using GSX method he have one most eficiente and faster icloud id permanente remover.

server icloud bypass


This week he reveil us new bypass “Who have iDevice with iOS <=7.1.2 ” So the ios 7.1.1 and lower can be bypass ( not removal ). He is not releasing any ETA or any kind server .  As he say you send to him the activation protocole request by email he will send to you the activation ticket.

How it works :

for this work u need get some information from fiddler, breakpoint.

– open fiddler and find the option decrypt http traffic in tools>fiddler Options

Tools-Https-Decrypt HTTPS Trafics,

– connect iphone, ipad, ipod to itunes and accept the message ( can not find server )

– and fiddler will start capture traffic from

– then go to fiddler check rules > automatic breakpoint and activate (after responses)

– turn off iphone and turn on again ( remove usb and pulg it again ) do not disconnect itunes

– when plug iphone again you will check albert activation in fiddler will be in  ( red )

– select the /deviceServices/… line and left size menu you will select inspector and next raw .

– select all info you get from there and send to mina

icloud bypass 7.1.1


Bypass icloud iPhone -fiddler2- connect red link