How to run checkra1n on Windows and Linux with ra1nstorm

This is a step by step instruction guide to help you install ra1nstorm. The ra1nstorm helper prepares an environment adequate for running checkra1n and exploiting your iOS device in a macOS virtual machine.

Before attempting to do anything related to ra1nstorm, make a backup before using ra1nstorm. This software is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY in the hopes that it will be useful. myicloudinfo does not accept responsibility for any damages that may occur. also use this tutorial on a machine with 6GB or up of RAM.

Please follow all instructions, it is very important. If you run an error, please report it to the Rainstorm Discord or on Github.

Automatically configures an environment to run checkra1n!

Stage 1

(Note: If you have Unbuntu, skip to # Stage 2)

For Windows Users:

  • Download setup.exe
  • Run it, it will download Xubuntu, wait till it finishes.
  • Once it finishes open Xubuntu installer.
  • When the Xubuntu installer is opened choose the 64GB option, and then install.
  • After the installation, run boot on BIOS. Enter the computer BIOS (probably F12 on boot) For your computer, look into your computer’s manual on how to boot using BIOS.
  • In BIOS, disable SECURE BOOT, enable VT-D and VT-X if shown on your BIOS. Note: if it isn’t shown, it’s already enabled.
  • Restart your computer and boot in Xubuntu. (Note: look into your computer’s owners manual in how to boot into another OS)
  • Set up Xubuntu, and now you have Xubuntu. (Linux running on windows).

Stage 2

Enter these commands: 
cd Desktop
sudo bash
  • A screen will pop up, that’ll be your instruction screen.
  • (Note: FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS on the screen)
  • (Note: If you run on an error, Ask the Ra1nStorm Discord or Send an issue on RainStorm Github)
  • (Note: Some downloads make take some time depending on your internet connection. Be patient)
  • Once see the KVM screen, you will be met with CLover Boot on the screen, with your keyboard, select macOS Installer. It will boot into the installer.
  • Once you’re in the macOS installer, on the instruction screen, follow the instructions.
  • (Note: The installation may take some time, be patient.)
  • Once the macOS installation finishes, Plug in your iPhone and disconnect all other USBs except the iPhone.
  • Follow the last step on your Instruction screen. (Note: This is very important, follow the instructions)
  • Set up the Mac.
  • Once finished finish the instruction screen and reboot your computer.
  • Boot back into Xubuntu.

It Stage 3

  • Go into your terminal.
  • Before the next step, plug in your iPhone and keep it plugged in.
  • Enter these commands:
sudo bash (and then drag a file on your desktop named " BootVM sh " in terminal)
  • You will now go in the KVM screen
  • Log in as normal.
  • Download Checkra1n and open it.
    You’re finished.

It Additional notes:

  • Every time you need to jailbreak, boot back into Xubuntu and follow It Stage 3
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