Fiddler and Xampp icloud Method

What is the true behind Fiddler and Xampp icloud Method

Everyday i see online, youtube, facebook, twitter many ways to unlock, remove bypass iCloud , also in my email i receive dozens of questions about new methods they fond from different people day after day . All this methods people think they can get success bypass icloud. i am thankful for all people try help on this issue , its important to verify also the information.  the most popular methods is Fiddler and XAMPP software. I will explain you all about it and what is true on this method . This is valid for all people showing they got bypass.


My research is based on many question to famous “Hackers” and also i made this question to Taig Team by the time cansecwest conferences. Faking apple server that replace apple id authentication using iTunes activation appear long time ago. Came with doulci files and Marroc method in April 2014. I check all files source codes the new and old ones and I see that someone ( ex doulci ) tried to reproduce Apple server files but it failed to success, it means ( doulci server fail ). How this works? It based on iTunes error that allow to ignore fake ssl certificate and modify iTunes traffic. It works and traffic can be modified in itunes, can be hacked and itunes think that device is activated. But the fact is idevice is still not activated and communication is killed because fail the two-factor authentication. So also the emoji bug is useless to activate the device too. The device just bypass itunes and all traffic remains full encrypted.

For now and if you believe in facts not in metaphysic there is no method to modify device connection, because all traffic is encrypted with RSA2048. Fiddler have ability to intercept and modify device traffic, but only if its custom certificate is installed into device and it is in the locked devices, but you need to install the unique certificate for each locked device. If you see videos where someone modifying packets via Fiddler and unlock their device – it’s fake if was true even jail-breakers would be very interested in this method to inject vectors, to allow developers to disable ASLR and FMI . You going tell me -saw new video that include new methods someone try fiddler or xampp blablabla , I’ll tell you that its all the same thing.  just use different applications to simulate the fake bypass and it will always just unlock iTunes.

Do not forget,

Bypass scammers will always: 1– Ask for money 2– Create incomplete videos 3- Shared FAKE files 

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