GadgetWide UNIVERSAL Bypass Coming?


GadgetWide UNIVERSAL Bypass is Coming … or is just another actor to the Circo del Icloud ?

new update 24-12-2014

we all understand already what Varo say no one cares but we will see again and again the same movie hoping this with be different end , today or tomorrow claims release icloud bypass. Varo talks now about IMEI unlock method , and completely legal , probably for lost and erased phones clean emai, stolen devices will probably be out .

We are waiting GadgetWide Bypass release today!!!

gadgetwide –  “Repeat…I will give you guys what I said I would on the 25th Dec 2014”

for information go to

i will update soon if is important info

20-11-2014 UPDATE – The tool from GW ” will have both Mac and Windows version for iPhone (ALL MODELS) | iPad ( ALL MODELS ) | iPod Touch ( ALL MODELS ) iCloud Removal FULLY SUPPOERTED and FREE … you can restore and do everything as normal the device WILL WORK NORMALLY”

Hello everyone today and surprising all icloud bypass community GadgetWide announce, good news , he is working on his software again making an update to bypass icloud like he did before Douci as he say.  his making already beta-test and required everything is conducted internally for now.

“Good NEWS!! Guaranteed UNIVERSAL Bypass Coming within Days !! WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE , It’s ONLY gonna COME from GadgetWide, ITS A FEW DAYS AWAY!!!!”

The only thing I overstated was the early announcement of GadgetWide version 1.2.7 when suddenly Apple made some drastic changes

“Guys LISTEN I, wouldn’t say it if it was FALSE. ITS COMING IN a few DAYS PROMISE.” GadgetWide

I dont know if, this official GadgetWide iCloud bypass exploit tool will we release or not, SO many promises and nothing untill now.  if its true This is the one you have all been waiting for, it provides a guaranteed successful bypass on all devices. it seems it works on (All Models) IOS8 include . Is This a solution?  to learn more about this tool and to download. we need wait a few more ( hourers? ). keep in though at or