why iCloud bypass, unlock iPhone exploits are so dificult

why iCloud bypass, unlock iPhone exploits are so difficult .

iCloud is one most security system on mobile devices. Apple want keep it like that. If you look back since IOS 7 when find my iPhone was implemented everything was much more easy. iPhone 4 in that time have bottom exploit (called “SecureROM” by Apple) it was one significant code that runs on the iPhone 4. The bootrom is read-only. Finding exploits in the bootrom level is a big achievement since Apple won’t be able to fix it without a hardware revision. iPhone 4 and IOS7 was the last big exploit development to unlock iPhone with or without jailbreak . iPhone 4 was possible unlock or bypass Using custom firmware , and if you have iOS 7.1.2 also possible activate using a fake albert activation server developed by doulci in 2014.

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iCloud bypass, unlock iPhone exploits

in 2016 apple is now playing hard , almost impossible find any new exploit on server side or IOS firmware, the last jailbreaks were made using IOS IPSW exploits no bottom exploit. Pangu , Taig and many jailbreak researchers teams made a amazing work but not for iCloud bypass , unlock or removing iCloud. As you can see by this picture Apple also fight against jailbreak, to keep IOS faraway from developers release any public exploit. if you are a developer and working for exploit, bugs, apple will pay you to do that , yes is true apple pay you for you report to apple enginners your exploits. Starting this fall, Apple will pay up to $200,000 for iOS and iCloud bugs Bug bounty program . will start small and slowly expand over time. also ZYERODIUM pay for your 0day Exploit to ZYERODIUM.