how to get into a locked iphone without the password

how to get into a locked iPhone without the password

You can Unlock iphone passcode with an external hardware tool. A Chinese team release a youtube video showing a new hacking passcode hardware tool unlocking one iPhone 7, this hardware seems can find any passcode from latest apple mobile firmware iOS10 and iOS11 beta.

Unlock iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus passcode tool, if you forgot Password this is what you need, Chinese tool will find your passcode for iPhone 7  and 7 plus. this must be great hardware tool for Cell Phone Repair or mobile repair shops.

New Apple Password / Passcode Unlock Tool for iPhone 7 & 7plus to crack the forgotten screen password works for 4 or 6 digits. on iphone 7/7plus iOS 10.x and iOS11, one unlocker machine can work with 3 iphones at same time.

Forgotten Password 

Read passcode 6 digits and 4 digits only support iPhone 7 and 7+ Software and cable will available after 18th July. no jailbreak will need.

Unlock iphone 7, iphone 7 plus passcode tool

Unlock iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus passcode reader tool

Passcode reader hardware hacking tool for iOS10 and iOS 11 64bits devices iphone 7 and iphone7 plus , iOS forensic tools.

Unlock iphone 7 iphone 7 plus passcode tool


icloud unlock guide for all devices status

Iphone passcode Unlock


How to Unlock an iPhone without the password

This hardware equipment use a new exploit to find the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus passcode using brute force mode. this hdb-team known as well for developing other similar hardware tools to bypass passcode from Apple devices including iphones MacBooks , imacs and recently android phones tool. Now they release a new tool updated to unlock any passcode from 64bits devices iphone 7  and iphone 7 plus.

New unlocking passcode tool IPhone 7 IOS11 or IOS10.3.3

This is the demo video, showing a working tool with full setup process for unlocking the passcode ( password ) on iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus with latest IOS 11.x, same procedure work for IOS10.3.3 and iPhone.

Unlocking passcode using brute force is done offline, with no internet connection or without using a computer, just the HDBOX hardware, IPhone 7 and sensor cable.

New unlocking passcode tool IPhone 7 IOS11 or IOS10.3.3

how to use hdb-team forensic tool 


Starting with Iphone APP 3.0 (latest firmware version for HDBOX to unlock IPhone 7 / IPhone 7 plus running IOS10.3.x and latest.IOS11).
Nightly built right now is 3.0B and public release will be 3.0C, but all customers who got the activation code can get the latest version.

how activate your HDBOX

  1. Start IPhone 3.0B on your HDBOX.
  2. Connect an Iphone ( you can use other iPhone than IPhone 7 for activation only, the procedure only works on iphone 7 and iphone plus)
  3. Press enter one time to start setup process,
  4. Use up / down to switch from 4 Digit pin to 6 Digit Pin, and press enter to select it. If already activated you will go directly to step 7
  5. Use up / down to modify each digit and enter to move onto next digit of the activation code
  6. Finish entering last digit from your activation code, and press enter to confirm it
  7. Code was good, and now you can continue entering the initial 6 pin code and finish the setup process
  8. Code was not good, box will display “!Invalid Code!” for 1 second, then you will back to step 4 where ask you to enter your activation code again

where to buy the unlocking passcode tool for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus for iOS11 and ios 10.3.3

Where to buy this hardware tool

the brute force will count from 0000. If you want to change it, simply press the joystick from the side, and will display >0< 000, and then use the joystick to selected desired number and press it to confirm the number. Do this for all 4 digits, and at the end it will display “+” or “-“, “+” its for ascending mode, 0000, 0001, 0002, 0003 and so on, and “-” its for descending mode 0000, 9999, 9998 an so on.

if you looking for other tools to unlock passcode from iphone using external hardware methods check this post:

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