How To Remove Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware on a Mac with Malwarebytes

Malware on Apple Computers is scarily common these days. increasingly more and more we’re seeing Mac computers being infected with malicious software. I’m going to show you a free and quick way to get rid of these infections. they tend to be limited to just infecting your Safari browser and any other browsers that you might have installed on your computer.

There’s a quick and easy way to get rid of these infections especial from MacKeeper malicious software. So if you got an infection on your computer like pop-ups is taking over of your browser, you can’t use Google search for example. If you restart the computer the popup comes back again. The quick and easy way to get rid of that is to go into Apple’s App Store and do a search for BitDefender or malwarebytes and we want to install this one the computer. You can use the free version, don’t confuse that with the expensive one which is probably about $30 in the USA. Malwarebytes is the one you want. Run a full deep system scan and what you should do is before you run the scan, make sure that your MACOS it’s up to date.

Remove Virus, Malware, Spyware on a Mac with Malwarebytes

Download malwarebytes

To be completely clear, I don’t care if you get the free or the paid version of Malwarebytes. Just get it! The difference between the two is the paid version includes real-time protection and it can prevent you from getting anything in the first place. The free version will remove malware, but it requires you to run it. My advice get the paid version. While adware the most common form of Malware from my observation won’t harm your computer, it can lead to things like identity theft, stolen credit card information, etc. I realize this class may sound like a bla bla talk for Malwarebytes, but the reality is it IS THE BEST ANTI-MALWARE SOFTWARE AVAILABLE!

How To Remove Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware on a Mac
How To Remove Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware on a Mac

While Malwarebytes will do 90% of the job when it comes to removing malware, there are a few additional steps you may need to take to prevent your Mac from becoming REINFECTED.

  • In each of your web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) go into each App’s Preferences and make sure your homepage is whatever it should be.
  • If you see any “funky” language, just delete it and replace it with a website you frequent (usually Google, Facebook, YouTube, or a news site).
  • Also be sure to make sure your extensions are clean of any potential malware.

How to Resolve a Hijacked Web Browser:

First Force Quit (Command + Option + Esc) your browser and then HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY when you go to reopen it. Even after you have resolved this, I still recommend running Malwarebytes a second time.

Ghidra Reverse Engineering Tool

Activation Lock will prevent a lost or stolen MacBook from starting up

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