iOS lockscreen passcode bruteforce iphone 5C

Attiny85 is a small microcontroller, as it is possible to carry out small projects, we do not need a large amount of memory or inputs or outputs. It’s programmed through Arduino.

here in this video we can clearly see iOS lockscreen passcode bruteforce on an iphone 5C, Due to the low cost, this microcontroller is mounted on many boards such as Digispark:

This project started in 2020 part of Digispark

iOS Lockscreen pin bruteforce (target from 000000 to 999999)

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iOS lockscreen passcode bruteforce iphone 5 and 5C only

iPhone 5c is disabled forever? Not anymore! This method allows you bruteforce the DISABLED screen, and gives you unlimited passcode attempts to reach the home screen, 100% guaranteed! Only supports A6 chipset devices within the iOS range 7.0 – 8.4.1.

Use checkra1n to identify the iOS version. If you have important data on the device (photos, contacts, music, etc) then you are GUARANTEED a FULL RECOVERY with this method. If you don’t care about the data, reaching the home screen will still allow you to use the device FULLY FUNCTIONAL with CALLS/DATA/iMESSAGE! Just reset the home screen layout in settings and its like a new device! IMPORTANT BRUTEFORCING SANITY TIPS:

1. Start at 0000! Statistically, almost 50% of passcodes are in the range 0000-1000 because people normally set dates as their code, which includes the months 01 (January) to 09 (September).
2. Try common patterns like 1234 2580 1397! If you google search “most common iPhone passcodes”, you’ll find a list of the top 20!
3. DO NOT SKIP AROUND! I made this mistake on the device I used in the video. My thought process was “what if the code is in the 9000’s”, so I went through 9000-9999 before I completed 4000-5000. Sure enough, the correct code was 4886.
4. Statistics show that the majority of 4 digit passcodes start with 0, 1, or 2. I highly recommend trying 0-3000 before anything else!
5. There is a small “lag” between attempts, so you cannot just go one after the other at the speed of light. Sometimes this causes you to mess up, if the lag is long enough for you to get distracted. What worked for me is I used the Google Sheets app on another iPhone, and after I punched the code in on the locked device, I would also type it into Google Sheets, then by the time I was ready to try the next code, if I waited long enough the lag would “reset”, so the code would instantly validate. Even if you don’t want to use google sheets, you can still wait 5-6 seconds between tapping the last digit of the next attempt, which will “reset” the lag and could save you a few minutes.
6. Take frequent breaks! Seriously, you WILL make errors if you do this for 5 hours nonstop! It helps to reset your mind if you stretch or go outside.
7. TRUST YOURSELF AND TRUST THE PROCESS! One of my biggest fears throughout the 5 hours it took me to bruteforce was “what if I pressed the wrong button on one of my attempts and missed the correct code”. Realistically this WILL happen. We are all human and make mistakes. But if you think about probability, its nearly impossible that the ONE code you messed up on happens to be the right code. You don’t need to be perfect, as long as you get approximately 990/1000 of the codes in every 1000 digit range, you are pretty much guaranteed to succeed.
8. AVOID MULTITASKING! Yes, its probably super tempting to say “I’ll crank out a few codes while I do my homework”, but the truth is you cannot do anything else while bruteforcing because YOU WILL MESS UP! And if you are consistently off by a digit or two, then the chance of missing the correct code greatly increases, which could spoil your entire effort! Also, do NOT play music in the background, it can be a big distractor!
9. SET REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS! Don’t stay up all night because you need it done the next day, you accuracy could decrease alarmingly. I recommend working in hour-long chunks throughout the morning or early afternoon, or whenever you are most awake and not feeling tired.
10. WORK ON A FLAT SURFACE and remove nearby objects! This might sound unnecessary, but if you have the phone on your lap or propped up somewhere, its easy for your finger to slip or the glare to mess you up. I recommend working at a desk or a table. Q: What about FMI OFF after the bypass? A: Currently open menu FMI OFF only supports iOS 10 and above, so as of March 2021 there is no solution for fmi after bruteforcing with this method. However, it is a high priority and I am trying to figure something out. If you want a chance of FMI OFF in the future, DO NOT RESTORE!

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