iphone ipad hardware verification report Software 3utools

iphone ipad hardware verification report Software 3utools. If you looking for a software for checking hardware in iOS devices this software is the one you looking for 3utools version 2.2. You can check your iOS device’s hardware using this tool windows software. You can use iPhone, iPad and ipod to find an issue that would warrant running the diagnostic. This software also let you shutdown restart or restore your iOS.

Start the diagnostic process. the software will start verification report. The link opens the iOS diagnostic tool, which requires you to click through a legal agreement before starting the test. The test results are sent back to you once they finish and you tap “done”. Back on the support site the page will refresh and show any issues that were found with the device as well as support options for resolving them.

This iphone ipad hardware verification report report is very similar to the purplerestore software official apple software for hardware repair , the developers make a serial number verification to validate what hardware was changed or not.

iphone ipad harware verification report Software 3utools

  • List of Tests Include:
  • Screen: Touch Screen Test
  •  icloud activation
  •  Motion: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass
  •  Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS
  •  Hardware: Light Sensor, Charger, Vibrate, Sensors, Fingerprint Sensor
  •  Camera: Front Camera, Main Camera, hardware
  • Check UDID and Serial Number

iphone ipad hardware verification report Software 3utools

DOWNLOAD 3utools:

An All-in-One Tool for iOS Devices

Using the Software 3utools in combination with hardware report, you can check your data for your device, while maintaining user privacy. You might use this data to identify devices that have already have hardware replacements or to flag a device that you’ve determined to be fraudulent. The hardware verification report also let you verify that device comes from an authentic Apple device on which your app has been downloaded including check find my iPhone activation.


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