New icloud bypass server on tests

New icloud bypass server on tests. lPhlsher v5 Server is UP for tests for COLLECTING locked iDEVICES INFOS ipad, ipod, iphones

It’s not a bypass, it will just register your device info into server so CrokoM can debug them all and bypass some of them later. try this IP :, PUT IT IN HOSTS AND PLUG ALL YOUR LOCKED DEVICE FOR REGISTER THEM ON SERVER TO DEBUG, SERVER IS OPENED FOR 1 DAY only.

add this line into your HOST FILE ( windows and mac )

host server ip icloud bypass

Inspired on ex doulci team CrokoM is working on new server to bypass icloud using same server activation method from doulci from 2014. Minacriss and other developers proof using fake icloud bypass server is possible to bypass icloud from all ios 7.1.2 and some models ios 9.3.3 .

  • If you want help developers community to find new ways to bypass icloud you can help to COLLECTING locked iDEVICES INFOS ipad, ipod, iphones for further unlock . This doesn’t mean you will unlock your idevice but its a single initiative you can try free and hopes you have luck to bypass icloud for free.

New icloud bypass server on tests

New icloud bypass server on tests

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