New iOS 11 Bug to bypass icloud found

New iOS 11 Bug to bypass icloud found. this is an amazing new bug to crash ios 11.x to the springboard. works only on iOS11 firmware. We have seen this before and we also know is can be patched by apple very fast. So if you have any icloud lock device with iOS11.x firmware this is what you should do:

  1. Download and install Windows app Dr.Fone Switch
  2. Connect device on iOS 11.x to Windows PC via USB.
  3. Start iOS device and don’t connect to Wi-Fi, press Activate with iTunes.
  4. Start Dr.Fone Switch app and press “Switch” button.
  5. You will get activation bypassed and dialog of setup Touch ID.
  6. Once you see springboard press power button to lock, than unlock again.

Note: Warning! do not enter a passcode.


Once you see springboard press power button to lock then unlock again.


New iOS 11 Bug to bypass icloud found

New iOS 11 Bug to bypass icloud found

Download: Dr.Fone Switch

We still don’t have any additional information if this works with all devices including iPhone devices with iOS12. But this doesn’t break your iPhone , you can try in any device to understand what this bug can do. If you have an icloud lock device with ioS12 u still can downgrade and restore clean ios 11.x.

All steps you need to follow are on the video explaining how to remove icloud using Dr.Fone Switch software. This is nothing to do with the software but a bug during the connection between the iPhone and Dr.Fone Switch . this may also work with others software with similar ios services for Apple devices. 

This New iCloud Bypass crash was found by Tomas K. and post it on youtube, more test will be done after this ios11 bug on the activation screen. After bypass icloud do not restore to ios12, if you doing that you may lose your icloud unlock.

New iOS 11 Bug to bypass icloud found

Updated now its possible keep the springboard, but cannot open apps, only facetime and whether in some cases there is some other apps you can open but not working. If you have any improvement about this bug please keep us updated.

icloud bypass iOS 11 bug springboard crash


There is no need to erase the device or reflash the firmware to try it again, we found a way to erase device for the same firmware without update go to (dr.fone/erase/erase full data.  An error will pop up close it and after that try using switch it will work because now you cannot restore for last ios 11.4.1 apple stop signing 11.4.1.

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