Ra1nbox Jailbreak WITHOUT a computer

Ra1nbox The portable checkra1n jailbreak solution, Want to jailbreak without a computer? Now you can! Ever wanted to jailbreak on-the-go, while out camping in the middle of nowhere? Or when riding the bus to work? With checkra1n you’re stuck to a computer to be able to jailbreak. But using this solution, you can take a tiny computer with you to jailbreak wherever you are. Even when somewhere remote, you’d only need a power bank or other USB type power supply. Using a NanoPi Neo2 single-board computer chip, a display and an aluminum case with 3 brass buttons loaded with this software combined with the checkra1n software, you can jailbreak anywhere. The Ra1nbox software powers the display and takes care of the checkra1n part of the software. This makes this an all-in-one on-the-go type solution.

Ra1nbox Jailbreak WITHOUT a computer

NanoPi NEO2 Black CNC all metal aluminum shell FriendlyELEC NEW Complete Starter Kit, with NanoHat OLED display micro usb 16GB

  • Visit Official webpage of the project
  • For more information, see the Ra1nbox website: https://ra1nbox.com
  • Ra1nbox – Jailbreak without a PC using a portable Linux board (checkra1n)
  • where to buy the NanoPi Neo2

Ra1nbox! The portable checkra1n jailbreak solution based on the NanoPi Neo2.

Installation instructions

The only requirements: – NanoPi Neo2 Linux board – Ra1nbox software – Micro-USB power supply, for example a powerbank.


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iCloud Bypass using checkra1n

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