Remove icloud with menu access

Remove icloud activated devices Disable Find my iphone. Disable icloud Find my iphone with menu access without password. This video is also a proof that is possible to remove icloud id and turn FMI off with a restored iphone method. You just need a backup with find my iphone off, also icloud id removed. you only need to inject with itunes backup without icloud and your ios software will be restored without icloud.

Remove icloud with menu access

Remove icloud with menu access



Update: DO NOT ERASE CONTENT AND SETTING!!!! Only erase settings to avoid getting stuck in the activation screen! if you do a full reset and settings You will be asked full email and password and be icloud lock! This is good for FMI OFF and then you can jailbreak normally and add your own info only!
This method is to remove the find my iphone feature and icloud from devices that have an account attached and password is unknown or lost. You can you this tutorial to add your own icloud account and find my iphone as well as jailbreak idevices that MUST have FMI OFF!
Credit goes to “” , for the info and great ideas!

Please read the description for instructions and links first!

Remove icloud activated devices Disable Find my iPhone. This only works if you have access to iphone or ipad menu / springboard.

Download files in the video description:

You can download backup with (FMI OFF) backup in the description you can edit the status and info plists to match your device, inside you will see several strings that say “ADD HERE” for example guide , udid etc… Just take the information from you icloud fmi locked device and add into the “add here” sections accordingly. Once your backup is matched and ready restore all settings on iPhone and when device reboots use ibackupbot or restore with any other software of your choosing.

Remove FMI, icloud from activated devices, Disable icloud Find my iPhone. This method works faster with libimobiledevice you can download from here, go to the home page and search for libimobiledevice and download the latest version. We did also a test using itunes to inject the iTunes backup, works great too. the bug happens when you reset settings in iphone and during the restart, you inject the backup.

This Works for iOS 7 all devices ios 8.x iOS9, iOS10, iOS11.x. to remove icloud on the latest ios 12 devices with menu access please check this new tutorial for iOS12 using Jailbreak.


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