How to Unlock icloud all methods

We are going to teach you what is iCloud activation lock, and we are going to show you How to Unlock icloud for the latest iOS 7 and iOS12. We’re talking about some full removal bypass methods that are working on some latest ios devices. So this pretty much giving you everything you need to know on iCloud activation lock. First do not trust in anything that is saying it’s an iCloud bypass link do not click on any links. I am sure it’s either a survey, a virus or just clickbait. That’s not going to work; there’s no way they can give you an iCloud bypass. Do not trust any website on the internet that is saying they can give you an icloud bypass.

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We are going to show you all Unlock possibilities:

the DNS server bypass also is known as iclouddnsbypass, this works on any locked ipad and iPhone, on anything that has an iCloud activation lock. iPhone is locked from iOS 7.0.3 to iOS12.x. works on all iPhone models including old ones iPhone SE, 5s 5c.

Unlock icloud

Unlock icloud

You are going to need to use one of these Unlock DNS servers now. I’ll leave these in the description, press the home button you want to go to your Wi-Fi settings, now go down to DNS, and you’re going to type in the DNS that matches your location example:

  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • South America:
  • Australia and Oceania:

Once I hit return go back, and you can now enter your password for your network so when we hit join this screen will go away wait for a couple of seconds, and you want to hit back. As soon as it starts trying to activate and we’re going to see this little pop-up. Now, this is the captive portal by DNS. The server which gives you access to many features of the device, web browser also a menu. It’s not easy for Apple patched this. I doubt this will ever go away, but right at the top, you have some chat rooms you can chat with other people who have icloud account blocked.

There are some different languages you can go to English. We can go into Twitter and it will let you log in even if the iPhone is locked. You just click back button to get back out to the home page. you can access all your favourite social media in, you can even browse to any website. You can access email, maps even SMS. Wikipedia and stuff like that and near the bottom we have some more interesting apps. Full games and many useful things, also Dropbox right at the top google translate some note staff calculator and down here we have some crashes. Now, this crashes moves me on to my next part of this post. Crashing it out of so for those of you don’t know too much technical information about iOS the setup app, it’s basically the app that’s preventing us from actually getting into the phone and unlock.

iOS BUGS / Exploits

You can use to crash to springboard for latest iOS 9.3 iOS 10 and iOS11 there is one for ios 11.4.1. We tried one ios bug, it’s a temporary crash to unlock. You can follow this YouTube video to teach you if you have an older iPad and iPhone, as you can see right there that was some for iOS 11.x. You guys could check those out so we got right here crash iOS 7 to iOS11 and others firmware, we try it all if you interested follow my youtube channel and check the other icloud account videos.


it will unlock icloud account but temporary just seems to give you an arrow and trying to open it but you need to install a software for windows called Dr. FONE to make this bug happen, its not difficult process after installing the software connect the iPhone Xs and just follow the video steps: New iOS 11 Bug to bypass icloud found.

iCloud Unlock tools

let’s get on with the next part of this post to fix icloud lock. The next part we’ve shown you guys a couple software that allows,  you to go on to the home screen activating the iPhone and if you’re lucky you may be able to stay there and use as normal iPhone Xs with new apple id and password.


unlock icloud

unlock icloud

Download unlock iphones software double click it and you’re going to hold the power on home button for as long as it takes until the ios device reboot so and you hear the voice gets cut off there and it’s going to reboot and now once it’s reboot you watch you get a couple of seconds of seeing the home screen. I’m just going to speed this part up and you’re let you guys see the home screen you all right so there we are we can see the home screen. its sort of frozen you can’t really do much on it and it does kick you straight back in to set up your app but if you guys have a player arm that you may go to interact with it and stay on there longer so today is the first glitch alright so the second glitch of the two is the more effective one this is the one that she allowed me to console home screen for about two minutes before I got jumped back into setup app. to do this one you want to go to the Wi-Fi settings page and you want to basically find a place you can enter characters on the keyboard. So this could be either on choosing another network because there’s a text field right there or it could be in the server area.

Download tools 

UDID registration on server you need find a server to add your Imei, what we want to do is fill it up with emojis now I mean a lot of emoji so it does take a little while to do so I’ll speed this bit up and actually might cut it and I’ll have I’ll show you guys when I’ve got a lot of emojis in here all right so it’s probably about twenty to thirty files and emojis in there now I’ve been doing that for quite a little while and I’ve been copying and pasting a big chunk of them so as you can see right now it’s sort of frozen and when it does that you want to find a period when it freezes for quite a long time and that is how you’re going to crash the cell app so once it has frozen like this you can freeze it any moment doesn’t have to be when you’re selecting it but we’re going to hold the power button until the low part into the slide to power off comes up click cancel and keep tapping the screen rapidly and if you’re lucky you will crash and if you’re even luckier you’ll be able to stay on the springboard for a little while. you should keep doing this, it doesn’t work every time but you should try it again to unlock iPhones.

icloud Bypass server

icloud unlock tools

icloud unlock tools

Download unlock tools

As you can see, I have done it in two minutes using software to icloud unlock iPhone. Keep playing around with software. This software uses an iPhone exploit for icloud to unlock iPhone.  actually, this is works really good especially if you jailbreak and remove folder. Those are two software that allows you to briefly get into the home screen.

For the last part of this post and we talked about the methods for fully icloud unlock iPhone or full removal iPad activation. there are only actually free methods of doing this free real method now you’ll see a lot of scams out there claiming they can do it but I guarantee a little fake but there are free real methods of doing it now the first one applies to only the iPhone and the reason for that is it requires a boot ROM exploit now if you don’t know what that is it’s basically the lowest level exploit on a device you can have and it’s in the hardware meaning Apple cannot patch it for a software update so they have to actually release a new phone to be able to patch the exploit. the iPhone 4 is going to be always possible because by an exploit. you can always fix the icloud lock on iPhone 4. no matter what version is on now if you want a video tutorial on this I actually made one a little while ago so it’s right here I’ll leave a link in the description full access iCloud activation


Unlock Icloud and activate iPhone

This actually gets you into the phone completely passed by parts of the article activation and you can use the phone pretty much like normal. the way it works is you basically load a custom Ramdisk an SSH Ramdisk which gives you access to the root filesystem while the phone is in recovery mode. this allows you to edit the file system of the phone and through that you can delete the setup app the app that we’re in right now that’s stopping us from getting into the phone once you delete that you reboot the phone and the phone has no choice but to go on to the home screen because there’s no carrier signal.  the second method of fully bypassing iCloud is the other software using the exploit on firmware iOS 10. this basically requires you to activate your iPhone using server and once again like in the other method I just mentioned the iPhone will have no carrier signal you can use it as iPod you will have springboard access.


Because there’s no setup this one it requires a few things. it requires, first of all, a 32-bit ios devices. There are no 64-bit devices unlock compatible with this method it requires device server access and I don’t know any for free now. talking about those though they basically allow you to connect your iPhone a software where you might go to edit and it requires you to have a serial, IMEI or UDID and run an exploit to unlock icloud. just like I said before with the iPhone 5 method you will need a bypass server to run the exploit. unless another new exploit comes to the public you will not be able to fully bypass using the server method on anything above the iPhone 4 but we may be seen and new exploits soon you never know or another icloud server exploit has been about four years. I think the first exploit was doulci exploit we will always check for new information about server method here you want to read up on that and the final method is Hardware unlocks for locked iPad this is probably the most inconvenient way of unlocking your icloud because involves a second device or hardware accessories.

icloud unlock hardware method


Now you need if you’ve got an iCloud locked iPhone you need a duplicate version of the iPhone there’s not a cloud lock to be able to do this so a lot a lot of people going to have that second of all it is quite dangerous obviously because it involves taking apart the iPhone and actually replacing certain chips inside with new chips from the other phone. there’s no I applied locked as you can see from this video right here on YouTube it tells you how to do it now I’m not actually completely sure how reliable these videos are because this is the only method I’ve not actually tried and I may I may try it in the future if I can I apply block ios devices but yeah so I haven’t actually tried this one so do this one at your own risk but you can read there’s quite a lot of videos about this on here actually.


ipad pro unlock remove icloud

You will need a second device which is definitely will not be very convenient because it’s going to cost you double the price and well I suppose you could use a damaged phone but those are the freeways of fully removing and permanent solution. I explained already what iboot exploit is and iboot exploit is basically as powerful as a boot ROM exploit but is not in the hardware. if the exploit is on software it can be patched if Apple finds it.

It can patch in a software update but this can still be used for restoring the new firmware. you can unlock iCloud although there’s no current hardware method for latest iPhones and iPad-pro this mean if someone has new exploits to unlock iCloud he will not make it public he will keep the exploits safe because Apple will find it if someone shares it with anyone.

they will patch it but you can research into IP exploits. I’ll leave a link in here to a page on the iPhone wiki that can explain you quite well all. But in 2019 all the information about the icloud lock and permanent solution for iPhones and iPads. you can unlock some ios and bypass others as I explained in my youtube video. on that if you want anything above an iPhone 5C you’re going to need to either wait for a public exploit to be released and you’ll be able to use the same methods as on the iPhone to bypass it or you’re going to have to keep looking for glitches in order to Unlock and crash to the springboard.

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My advice is, do not buy an iPhone or Apple device from any person you don’t trust, and buying one icloud lock device is not good business. You will see many people offering icloud unlock services and you’ll see them online and YouTube as well saying that they have iCloud unlock method they can turn off Find my iPhone on Apple iPhones and you see pretty much some different screenshots with these activations lock off.  I can guarantee all 100% fake that they use BOTS to reply or they make second accounts to like and reply to himself saying that it worked but do not trust anyone who says they can unlock iCloud full removal because the majority of them will ask you to pay.

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