icloud bypass with DNS server

icloud bypass with DNS server. This is a NEW idea to bypass, this method comes from Ukrainian develops and If you have a locked iPhone or iPad iCloud Lock, the only way to use the phone at this moment its substitution of the activation page. You will have the opportunity to browse internet and play games etc in HTML5. this method is different from other methods, this version does not work through a proxy, works using DNS server. This means that all Internet traffic from your phone does not go to someone else’s server, and the connection is direct. Unlike Proxy method you will not fall speed and encryption between you and register for the remainder remains on the site. The server is written in pure C ++, it is means that it is much more productive than others, and thus overload it is not so simple. Over time I will add more features here. The country and language, you can choose any. If does not work then you must restart the device to reset the DNS cache.

icloud bypass with DNS server

icloud bypass with DNS server

Icloud DNS bypass server IP:

iPhone iCloud Bypass DNS server Bypass Your iCloud Id within Few Minutes, Follow These setup carefully and here is A Server IP the only workable way at the moment. All devices! DNS Server IP addresses:

iPhone iCloud Bypass DNS Server. DNS is an Online server that many people are connected.  these server and may of people have bypass icloud and unlock these phone to connect with server and here is an Official DNS server.




South America:

Australia and Oceania:


icloud bypass with DNS server

icloud bypass with DNS server

Only one way to use iCloud Locked device is Captive Portal of iCloud DNS Bypass. On this video,  all info you need to know for better usage of Captive Portal. iCloud DNS Bypass servers:

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