iCloud Bypass GSM with calls/signal Patched on iOS14.6 (checkra1n devices)

Since checkra1n jailbreak was out apple had a lot of problems with the potential use of jailbreak to unlock devices. checkra1n is much more than a simple jailbreak, it also allows you to access files to unlock iphones and ipads. iCloud bypass, passcode bypass, restore activation, FMIOFF, MDM. For over more than a year it has been possible to do icloud bypass with signal and get full access to an icloud locked device on GSM iphones 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus and iPhone x including ipads.

If you want bypass icloud GSM device full working stay away from iOS14.6 and up.

iCloud Bypass GSM with calls Patched iOS14.6 on all checkra1n devices
iCloud Bypass GSM with calls Patched iOS14.6 on all checkra1n devices

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This latest iOS iOS14.6 betas its a huge update, everything changed for iCloud lock, apple finally dedicated time to fix these flaws. iOS14.5 already fix the access that allowed extract the iCloud token and making possible FMIOFF ( find my iPhone ) without a password on those iPhones with a passcode or disable.


The end of the old good days

Now the latest iOS14.6 Apple finally fix and blocked the SIM activation of the iOS baseband that allowed a bypassed device, activate with SIM, and work with 3G / 4G signal.

GSM bYPASS patched


Can i still bypass icloud with checkra1n devices and get a signal?

Yes you can , although apple patch the GSM bypass with calls on iOS14.6, developer Minacriss still can bypass iCloud using MEID method. Meid Bypass its latest method to bypass icloud for MEID / GLOBAL devices iphones 5S up to iphone X, iPAds. The good news is also working on GSM devices.

MEID method will be the next possibility for those who need bypass icloud with SIM, Calls and 4G Sinal.

Software like MinaMEID, Checkm8info, and iRemoveTool will still work with MEID and GSM for iCloud locked devices. All devices that support checkra1n jailbreak will be able to bypass activation lock with calls on GSM / MEID models with a carrier signal.

EXTRA TIP: If you want to make sure your device is safe from any apple update, it’s better you save your activation files using software like Sliver for mac or bigb033 for windows that allow you to save/backup your activation files and in the future restored device, you can restore back those files into the phone to activate again. This method still works well on iOS14.6, but only works if you save the activation files from the activated device before you restore or erase your device.

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