how to prevent getting scammed by bypassed devices

We all know In 2013, Apple introduced a security feature designed to make iPhones/ipads/mac/apple watch less valuable targets to would-be thieves But… Hackers, thieves, and even independent repair companies are now using this latest exploit and jailbreak tool Checkra1n / checkm8 to bypass icloud and with this make the illusion that the iphone or ipad is activated or clean device without any icloud account associated. It’s now important to inform general people to avoid this kind of scam. how to prevent getting scammed by bypassed devices?

What means icloud bypass?

Icloud bypass means the apple device has an apple id / icloud ID linked to that device and someone just bypasses de icloud lock screen using an iOS bug or exploit. Most of the functions are not active but you can use the phone more like an iPod. The limitation of icloud bypassed device.

What iOS exploit means?

The checkm8 exploit is a bootrom exploit used to run unsigned code on iOS/iPadOS devices with processors between an A5 and an A11 (iphone 5 up to iphone X). ipwndfu and checkra1n are currently the main tools capable of using the checkm8 exploit. The latest devices iPhone XR and up are safe to this vulnerability.

What means icloud Lock?

An iPhone that is icloud Lock can only be unlocked with the iCloud credentials of its owner. Therefore, buying an iCloud locked phone is equivalent to buying a very expensive paperweight.

Not all iCloud locked iPhones are stolen, of course. Occasionally a seller might forget to deactivate their iCloud account through Find My iPhone before handing it over. That’s why you need to check and make absolutely sure that step is done before you pay for the new iPhone.

how to prevent getting scammed by bypassed devices.

  • Ask for the IMEI/ SERIAL and use one of the free ICLOUD IMEI Status on the internet here you have a list of the most common online. You are safe if the device have Find My Iphone OFF / iCloud OFF.
iphone imei checker icloud status (clean lost erase)
Free imei checker icloud status
  • also on the device go to settings > general > reset > Click “Erase All Content and Settings”. here if the device is OK without icloud and not icloud bypassed you must see the HELLO Screen and then follow the steps to activate. (if it goes directly to springboard the device is icloud bypassed without OR if have find my iphone ON the device will stop in to the activation screen.
  • also and the last tip but only if you have a computer with you connect to a computer open iTunes and iTunes will give you an activation screen if its OK you will have options to restore firmware / backup etc. if its icloud locked and bypassed you will see activation lock screen to add the Apple ID linked to the device.
Itunes Activation Lock screen


SSH connection to localhost with checkra1n read/writeDownload

Checkra1n First iOS 13 Jailbreak Iphone 5S to iPhone X

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